1. high-school-fling:

    aw shit get it wednesday

    HA! I almost forgot to reblog this today 

    Every Wednesday from now on. 

    Its wednesday yo



    This is a good sign.

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  2. frigginjabroni:

    Went from comedic to real as fuck in like 2 seconds

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  3. quick summary: willy wonka and the chocolate factory

    1. boy: i hate being poor
    2. grandpa: were going to the fun factory
    3. mr chocolate: hello naughty children its murder time
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  5. onlypaintonthewall:

    Fuck up your sleeping schedule with me so i know it’s real. 

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  6. jeauxlyne:

    Steal the look!

    Gucci Cupcake Top - $345.89

    Justice! Flare Jeans - $23.99

    Dolce & Gabbana Hair Scrunchies - $876.44

    Heely’s - $133.21

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  7. paris666hilton:

    Police have now captured Perez and he’s in police custody.

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  9. impossiblesoulbysufjanstevens:

    Vegans schooled by Big-Tity Honker’s

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  10. glorious-gloria-mott:

    Ryan Murphy writing the Coven finaleimage

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